Feature and API deprecation cycle

The following features or APIs of django-flashpolicies are deprecated and scheduled to be removed in future releases. Please make a note of this and update or plan your use of django-flashpolicies accordingly. When possible, deprecated features will emit a DeprecationWarning as an additional warning of pending removal.

The flashpolicies.views.simple view

Will be removed in: django-flashpolicies 2.0

This view has been renamed to allow_domains() to better communicate its purpose. The view flashpolicies.views.simple continues to exist for now as an alias for backwards compatibility, but will be removed (and emits a DeprecationWarning).

The flashpolicies package name

Will be removed in: django-flashpolicies 2.0

Currently, django-flashpolicies installs a Python module named flashpolicies. For the 2.0 release, this will change to django_flashpolicies.